iPhone 7 Tipped to Sport Force Touch Home Button

 iPhone 7 Tipped to Sport Force Touch Home Button


  • The iPhone 7 is expected in September
  • New reports tip use of a Force Touch Home Button
  • The smartphone is expected to be waterproof

As the launch date nears, the iPhone 7 is being subjected to leaks every single day. Today, we get more information on the changes that the Home button is expected to undergo. Apple may be changing the home button on this year’s iPhone, in favour of a new button that will sit flush with the rest smartphone.

The iPhone 7 Home Button is expected to use haptic feedback, instead of the physically pressed inwards button seen on previous versions. Business Insider reports that the iPhone 7 will have a ‘Force Touch Home Button’ which will understand the amount of pressure put on it, and act accordingly.

The report cites analysts at Cowen and Company, who did their ‘field research’ before making these claims. “Instead of a physical mechanism, Apple will use its Force Touch technology and a motor inside the iPhone to provide the sensation that the button is being physically depressed,” the report reads.

Apple is also rumoured to design next year’s iPhone to look like a single sheet of glass, and this move is just to get users adjusted to that change. While the physical home button is comforting, it does bring along a lot of hardware problems for Apple. It is one of the most common reported failure points in an iPhone, and it makes good sense for Apple to replace it with a flush button that sits on the same level as the rest of the smartphone.

The analysts also cater to the 3.5mm headphone jack removal rumour, and claim that it will finally be removed from the iPhone 7. If this is true, then the iPhone 7 may just be 1mm thinner than its predecessor. According to them, the next Apple smartphone offering is expected to be waterproof as well – something both the removal of the headphone jack and the new home button will help achieve.



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