Six Tips to Keep Your Facebook Clean, Secure, and Private

Six Tips to Keep Your Facebook Clean, Secure, and Private

Got hundreds of Facebook friends you hardly know?

Now is a good time to do some digital cleanup, while the year is still fresh. Review your security and privacy settings, and make sure those casual acquaintances you met at a bar eons ago aren’t still getting the most intimate details of your life. Get rid of games and apps that might have latched onto your account years ago, but that you no longer use.

Here are six cleanup tips:

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How to Stop Facebook Videos From Automatically Playing

How to Stop Facebook Videos From Automatically Playing

Facebook recently enabled autoplaying videos on its website and apps and this feature is great if you watch a lot of videos and have a fast Internet connection with a generous data cap. However, many people are likely to find autoplaying videos annoying, especially because they start playing even when you’re just scrolling down and don’t pause at the video. It can waste data, and sometimes people will share videos that you would rather just not see, but avoiding them when they start playing in front of you without warning can be difficult.

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YouTube Offline: What Is It; How to Save and Watch a Video Offline

YouTube Offline: What Is It; How to Save and Watch a Video Offline

If you consistently find yourself at places with spotty Internet connectivity – when commuting to work or at home, for instance – and you love watching videos, then YouTube’s offline feature is aimed at you. The feature allows YouTube users to continue to enjoy their favourite videos on their Android and iOS devices even when there is no usable network connection. Here’s what the YouTube’s offline feature is all about, and how you can make use of it.

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iPhone: How to Block SMS From Any Sender Including Bulk Messages

Spam is something most people have accepted as a part of their lives. While there are various easy ways to block email spam, most people don’t bother blocking SMS or text messages spam. On Android, various awesome SMS apps let you fully block spam texts or send them to a separate folder to check later. But if you have an iPhone, there’s a chance that you get a lot of spam texts every day and haven’t yet figured out how to block them. Continue reading